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The Fifth Horseman Mod

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Hello Warlords!
If you are bored of the classic Warlords or just want to try something different, new, I present you "The Fifth Horseman" Mod.

The Fifth Horseman is a standalone mod of WBC3 that brings huge changes to the game, altering both, races and heroes, hero classes and spell books. The game add brand new units to the game and provides unique changes to every single race.

Download here: ... The_F.html

For those curious on what the mod does, here's a changelog.
There is no Polish Version, but if someone wants to translate the mod,I will upload it.

Kod: Zaznacz cały


Classes have been remade

A ---Assassin--- A
The Assassin can decieve the enemy with his Illusion spells and surprise him with his assassination.
A ---Archmage--- A
The Archmage can support his side with Divination, Alchemy, Conjuration and further increase the power of his spells with Arcane.
A ---Alchemist--- A
The Alchemist can support himself and his side with powerful items and potions, but can't really cast any spells.
A ---Antimage--- A
The Antimage can cause quite a problem to Mages and 
B ---Bard--- B
The Bard's Divine Songs can support his army and boost their morale.
B ---Battlemage--- B
The Battle Mage combines the strenght of a Paladin and with Rune Magic to deal a lot of damage in close combat.
C ---Chronomancer--- C
The Chronomancer can manipulate time and space in battle, combining Anti-magic and Chaos Magic.
C ---Conjurer--- C
The Conjurer can magically summon his armies with out cost and duration.
C ---Cleric--- C
The Cleric exceeds at dealing damage in melee range and supporting himself with Nature Magic.
D ---Deathknight--- D
The Deathknight is the counterpart of Paladin and exceeds at supporting his side with Chaos and Necromancy Spells.
D ---Dragonslayer--- D
The Dragonslayer exceeds late game when powerful dragons roam the map.
E ---Elementalist--- E
The Elementalist can manipulate all the elements against his enemies.
F ---Frost Archer--- F
The Frost Archer uses Ice Magic  to augument his bow and deal a lot of damage from a safe distance.
H ---Healer--- H
With his advanced knowledge of medicine the healer can manipulate the White Magic to heal allied armies more effective.
L ---Librarian--- L
The Librarian can.. Well... Sit in his tower and learn all the spells...
L ---Lichelord--- L
The Lichelord can support his side with Necromancy and Conjuration.
M ---Miner--- M
The Miner exceeds at improoving the economy of his side while alos supporting it with Rune Magic.
M ---Mercenary--- M
The Mercenary can lead any race. All he wants is to get his money.
N ---Noble--- N
The Noble can contribute to the side's economy with huge sums of money due to his enormous wealth.
P ---Paladin--- P
The Paladin, while not as though as a Warrior, can outlast his enemies by healing himself, and his armies, with White Magic.
R ---Raider--- R
With Running and Demolition, the Raider exceeds at exploring and razing mines and structures.
R ---Ranger--- R
The Ranger can summon an army of beasts with Nature Magic and make them powerful with Taming.
S ---Shaman--- S
The Shaman can manipulate the Magic of Chaos at his will and combine them with Divination Magic.
T ---Templar--- T
Due to his long religious studies the templar can combine Healing and Divination Magic and support his side.
T ---Tinker--- T
Tinkers can augument their side buildings due to their arhitectic knowledge and support them with Rune Magic.
T ---Trickster--- T
The Tricksteer can decieve the enemies with his Illusion and Anti Magic.
V ---Vampire--- V
The Vampire can cause quite the trouble at night. He is quite though and regenerates health during battle.
w ---Warrior--- w
With fast regeneration and a lot of health, the warrior exceeds at outlasting his enemy in battle.

-*- New Experience Mode: Classic -*-
The Hero gains no experience from razing buildings or killing units in game
But gains huge bonuses at th end of each battle

-*- The game now has 400 items -*-


---White Magic---
Healing Magic

Heal Self
White Ward
Heal Group
Life Ward
Summon Unicorn

---Conjuration Magic---
Summoning Magic

Conjure Infantry
Conjurer's Eye
Conjure Archer
Conjure Builder
Conjure Flyier
Conjure Elite
Conjure Spellcaster
Conjure Advanced Flyier
Conjure Monster
Conjure General

---Illusion Magic---

Spectral Horde*
(Creates a Decoy and renders the caster invisible)
*Illusions now show 100% stats, but deal 1 damage and have no armor
and no longer display expiration timers

---Necromancy Magic---
Necromancy Magic

Poison Cloud
Venom Touch
Call the Dead
Poison Gate
Strip Flesh
Raise Champion
(Now summons a Spider Priestess, Liche, Doom Knight and Vampire)

---Pyromancy Magic---

Hand of Flame
Resist Fire 
Ring of Fire
Soul Flame
Pillar of Fire
Fire Elemental

All spells, except brew Potion, cost Health instead of Mana

Create Item
Brew Potion
Forge Golem

---Chaos Magic---

Morph Combat
Morph Speed
Morph Health
Morph Damage
Morph Tower
Drain Mana
Morph Resources
Increase Casting
(Alters random stats of nearby units)

---Divination Magic---

Elemental Lore
Defense Lore
See Invisible
True Sight
Mind Leech
Call Sage
Psychic Blast

---Arcane Magic---

Mana Flow
Mana Leech

---Rune Magic---

Gem of Wisdom
Resist Magic
Resist Missile
Summon Guardian
Rune Item

---Ice Magic---
Gets extra damage on rain

Hand Of Ice
Ice Armor
Wall Of Ice
Ice Floe
Ring Of Ice
Freeze Magic
Ice Storm


Resist Magic
Mana Leech
Home Portal
Mana Drain
Etheral Ward
Summon Black Mage


Techtrees have been lowered by 1 level, units and powerups are available one level earlier
A couple of new lairs have been added.
*Beta 2*
Keeps now gain the Magic Eye ability which allows your hero to see invisible for a short duration for a cost.
Titans no longer explode of death, instead they have twice the health and more armor.
Inn now can be properly converted and may appear in random maps.
Black Market now works properly and may appear in random maps. The Black maket has the trade ability.

---The Sirians---

Knight's Quest should now add 300 extra gold for each killed victim
Inquistor's Summon Swords no longer requires army limit
Knights no longer have the Knight Champion
*Beta 2*
Knight Quest bonus gold reduced to 100
Squires and Crusade now cost Metal instead of Gold to increase their early level economy

---Hammer Clan---

Berserker replaced by Defender, which can become immune to missles with the Defend upgrade
Infantries are now immune to missiles
Messanger increases all dwarven speed by 2 (at max level)
The cost of certain Dwarf units has been reduced

*Beta 2*
They can now research the Throwing Axes upgrade, which gives infantry 6 range.

---Life Consumers---

Reduced the prices
Cavalry will now drop skeletons upon death
Haunting/Wailing increases wraith/shadow vampirism
Vampires cast vampirism
*Beta 2*
Cavalry will no longer drop skeletons upon death
Hopefully fixed the free Call the Dead for Liches

---Western Tribes---

Certain units have been rebalanced
Riders are immune to missiles
the keep has been removed to fit their nomadic lore
Horde takes the role of Keep advancement while the Camp takes the role of the Keep
Scout tower provides the key upgrades
They gain the Elephant
*Beta 2*
Each Elephant now gives 2 Morale for your side
Warlords now gain the Lightning spell which deals 15 damage to themselves and 25 damage to those around, but cost no mana.
Warlords now gain half the health they lose as combat.

---Hand of Sartek---

Can now sacrifice thralls
Axe of Sartek skill doubles Gnoll assassination chance
Spirit of Sartek skill now discounts minotaur kings by 50%
*Beta 2*
Sheeps can also be sacrificed
Minotaur Kings' cost has been increased by 50%

---The Kor Union---

The Hovel, now replaced with Goblin Quarter, trains all sorts of Goblins.
The Goblin Towers now trains Dwarven Slaves.
Goblin Horde goes over the army limit.
Wolf Riders now gain the howl ability, and can get fire damage via the Torches upgrade.
*Beta 2*
Gobshooters will now always spawn goblins when they shoot, and will drop up to 3 when they die.
Orcs can now train Sheep.

---Moon Elves---
High Elf

*Beta 2*
They now gain the Moonsilver Arrows Upgrade, which gives Longbows magic damage

---Dawn Elves---
Wood Elf

*Beta 2*
White Trees, Magic Wells and Hostels now produce stone, Metal and Gold.
They no longer get Phoenixes fron Nest.

---Dusk Elves---
Dark Elf

Get new unit, Night Wisp (Replaces Wisp), that has the Detonate ability.
*Beta 2*
Fixed the Dark Elf Ai.
Now get Guardian Skulls instead of Imps.

---Fey Communion---

Get Giants at lvl 5 keep

---Forge Clan---
Dark Dwarf

Berserkers are now lvl 1 Infantry
Can switch between offensive and defensive augumentation, which alters the stats of all siege.
Hellbores have lower attack speed but higher damage.
*Beta 2*
Berserkers now get more armor the lower their health is.

--Ember Legion---

Reaper now spawn souls instead of gathering them.
Quasits now gain crystal for killing souls.
*Beta 2*
Quasits no longer gather souls.
Imps can now gather souls for 25 of a random resource.
Succubus and Daemons can gather Souls for 4 XP each.
Heroes and Summoners still gain Mana.
Hard Labor now also requires Keep 2,3 and 4, depending on it's level.

--The Selentine Empire---

Fame Skill now reduces Mercenary's timer
Gain new unit, Paladin, instead of Elephants

---The Swarm---

New unit, Matriarch, that can lay eggs and hatch Swarm units
New unit, Black Pegasus, elite air to air unit
*Beta 2*
Husks now gain more damage the lower their health is

--Dragon Clan---

Snakemen are now builders
Chameleons can now assassinate
Lizardriders can become immune to  missiles via upgrade
Triceratos cast Roar
*Beta 2*
Oakmen are basic Minefillers
Chameleons no longer build
Snakemen can stil build and gain the Invisibility ability.
Pterodactyls costs metal instead of gold.
The Sun Temple gains a new skill, Eye of Couatl, which summons Fairy Dragons at a random point on the map.
Nagas can now petrify.
Now have acces to all four Elemental Dragons, Storm, Swamp, Fire and Ice.

Plaguepriests now cast Rot and spawn ghouls
Cryohydras now have a splash-freezing attack
Can now alternate between Plague and Poison, via Plague Piles
*Beta 2*
Plaguepriests get their Plague Cloud back.
New builders, Plague Carriers, can cast Rot and detonate and replace Zombies


1.032 features
Loop production on non-permanent upgrades
Expiration Timers
Towers' bonus damage vs heroes

Unit Spell Icons now work
The game has 2 new attitudes: Magic Fallback 25% and Magic Rampant


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